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Arcari e Danesi – Franciacorta Dosaggio Zero – 2018

The bubbly that most represents this winery and ushered them into the wine world, the only one produced every year since 2008 with new, unprecedented techniques that have made them famous in the region. A blend of 80 percent Chardonnay and 20 percent Pinot Blanc with vineyards mostly on Monte Orfano laid out on various terraces all facing south where the iron soils and constant radiation give wines of good substance. Grapes harvested at perfect phenolic ripeness, and not forcibly harvested in advance, vinification takes place in separate steel tanks for each variety which are then assembled for bottle fermentation with the SoloUva Method, that is, no exogenous sugars are used but the natural sugars of the grapes are exploited in addition to the addition of a part of the initial must, after which it is aged for 30 months before disgorging without final dosage. Amazing how you manage to get a wine so true to its origin, you can perceive it from the citrusy and pure aromas that then amplify along with an energetic drink and absolute pleasure for the structure, freshness and minerality at the end.

  • Producer: Arcari e Danesi
  • Name: Franciacorta Dosaggio Zero
  • Grape Variety: 80% Chardonnay – 20% Pinot Blanc
  • Vintage: 2018
  • Alcohol Content: 12%
  • Bottle Size: 750 ml
  • Production:

Productive Notes: vinification in steel tanks. Aged for 30 months on its own yeasts.

Wine naturally contains solphites


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The FranciaCorta production area has been paving the way for innovation and ingenuity for years now where the entry of new winemakers is increasing its qualitative prestige. The small Arcari-Danesi winery was born in 2006 from an idea conceived 10 years earlier by the business mind of Giovanni Arcari and the oenological mind of Nico Danesi, two friends who helped revolutionize Italian sparkling wine with their dream. We are in Coccaglio in the highest part of the appellation on Mount Orfano where given the slopes the vines are arranged on terraces encountering greater temperature excursions for the heights but useful to produce very captivating bubbles thanks to the minerality of the rocky soils. It was from here that they laid the foundations of their projects such as the TerraUomoCielo project in which through consultations and production philosophies a precise identity is given to the wines in each vintage, and above all they were the promoters of the Italian SoloUva Method, patented in 2008. This now widespread oenological technique for sparkling wines differs from the Metodo Classico in that it does not add external sugars at any stage of production but uses the natural sugar of perfectly ripe grapes and later of the must (partly preserved) at the time of bottle frothing or dosage. An authentic renewal that allowed them to extrapolate the true essence of Franciacorta territorially and to convey the peculiarities of origin of grapes such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc of which they themselves grow 5 hectares. Nothing in their journey has been left to chance, even the winery has been dug into the hillside to have rooms at room temperature thanks to the rock walls, during the stages of the production phase they use the most modern technologies in winemaking in order to obtain rich and fragrant grape musts while the stays on the lees of the bottles are never less than 24 months which are specially kept in the lower area of the structure. Avant-gardists in the true sense of the word.

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