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Answer these few questions so we know what wine you’d like to buy.
We will answer you in a short time with a personalized offer!

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    YEAR - Which vintages are you interested in? Let us know if you are looking for particular vintages or ask us for advice.

    WHAT WINE - What kind of wine would you like: White, Bubbles, Red, a little bit of everything? White, Bubbles, Red, a little bit of everything?

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    IDEA - To better focus the offer please let us know an indicative price for 6 bottles or if you prefer indicate a price range per bottle

    NOTE - Give space to everything you haven't said yet. Any further details can help us to create your selection.

    WHEN - Don't forget to let us know if the selection is for a particular occasion or if you need it for a specific date. Here you can also indicate if it is a GIFT.

    DONE. Now we have the first information to create your selection!

    For any further questions or requests, write to or call us at +39 366 4556744