D.co Ulrich – Amaro Ulrich

Marolo is one of the most niche distilleries in Italy. It was founded in 1977 in a hamlet of Alba, when Paolo Marolo, already a herbalist teacher at the Alba wine school, partly for passion and partly for fun, began distilling grape pomace from the Langa and Roero. In few years he created a real quality boutique! He was one of the first to select the best pomace from the finest wineries, and to distil specific vintages and crus. The method that made him so famous was the discontinuous distillation in bain-marie, in order to preserve every single characteristic of the grapes of origin, and to produce only a few thousand bottles. One of the youngest distilleries, but with an unparalleled quality and research on products. Niche! In 2016, after years of studies and experiments, Marolo distillery gave new life to the historical brand D.co Ulrich, one of the first companies in Italy to specialize in the study of aromatic plants and their processing.
The Ulrich bitter is created in Alba with the use of 19 different herbs in full respect of the ingredients of the original recipe, Marolo has revised the proportions in order to make it a balanced product and suitable for today’s taste, thus confirming itself as an innovator in tradition. Perfect as an end of meal.

  • Producer: D.co Ulrich di Marolo
  • Name:Amaro Ulrich
  • Alcohol Content: 32%
  • Bottle Size: 700ml

Productive Notes: Marolo Ulrich Amaro is made through the infusion of 19 herbs, including gentian root, aniseed.


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Wine naturally contains solphites


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