Comte de Montaigne – Champagne Cuvée Speciale

We are in the southernmost Aube region of Champagne, an area rich in history, which offers wines that are a little more refined and niche than the more renowned areas around Reims. In this part of France it is said that the first Chardonnay strain of the entire Champagne region was planted, but compared to the higher area it has always suffered from a less advantageous reputation due to an old armistice. In fact, only from 1900 the Aube achieved the autonomy of producing wines and not depending on and conferring the grapes to the region further north.
Comte de Montagne is located in the heart of the Aube, it is a modestly sized winery with more than high respect for tradition. They are very proud of this strip of land and of the quality of the Black Pine and Chardonnay that this region offers.
The company stands out for its long refinements and long stays on the yeasts of the wines, compared to what the specification provides.
The Cuvée Speciale is a structured Champagne based only on Pinot Noir, it ages for one year in wooden barrels after the first alcoholic fermentation, the wine then rests on its lees for another 4 years. A balanced Champagne with a very fine bubble, but a full, enveloping and creamy taste in the mouth!

  • Producer: Comte de Montaigne
  • Name: Champagne Cuvèe Speciale
  • Grape Variety: 100% Pinot Noire
  • Vintage:
  • Alcohol Content: 12%
  • Bottle Size: 750ml
  • Production:

Productive Notes: fermentation in steel tanks. Aging in wooden barrels for one year, the wine then rests on its lees for 4 years.


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Wine naturally contains solphites


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